SpecFoam Adhesive Foaming System

Foaming water based adhesives offers some significant advantages for users of water based adhesives.  If your application uses a PVA/VAE emulsion adhesive and you are roll coating in some manner, foaming your adhesive can:

  • Reduce overall moisture in the board leading to less warp
  • Reduce adhesive usage by up to 30% or more.

The SpecFoam Adhesive Foaming System includes adhesives formulated to be foamed as well as our own line of adhesive foamers.  These foamers have been designed to be easy to use and maintain.  The foamers are available for use by our customers while they are using our adhesives.

Please contact your local representative to get more information on our SpecFoam Adhesives and SpecFoam Foamers

Featured Product:

SpecFoam 1000FA

Fully Automatic Adhesive Foamer
Features Benefits
Stainless steel construction Longer equipment life
Easy to use On site customer adjustments
PLC controlled Remote diagnostics and data collection



 Made in the USA. Spare parts readily available