Specialty Adhesives and Coatings offers a full line of water based and hot melt adhesives for a wide range of applications and markets. Each of our products are vigorously tested to make certain that they will perform time and time again. As substrates change and end use requirements evolve or as newer application technologies are introduced to the market, we are constantly working with both our suppliers and equipment manufacturers to develop adhesives that best meet our customers' needs.

SpecBond Water Based Adhesives

These adhesives are made from water, polymers and other ingredients to meet a specific need and application. SpecBond adhesives are available in 5 gallon pails, drums, totes or bulk tank wagon deliveries.

SpecMelt Hot Melt Adhesives

Our line of SpecMelt hot melt adhesives are based on non-volatile thermoplastic materials and are applied by heating to the application temperature. These products can be based on EVA, Mettalocene, APAO, and pressure sensitive polymers. SpecMelt hot melt adhesives are available in a range of forms (chips, pellets, pillows or sticks) and are in 25 lb boxes.  For more specific product information for a particular application please visit Our Markets List


Custom Formulations

We welcome the chance to work with our customers to develop custom formulations specific to individual application requirements. Typically our turn around time for custom products is just a few days once we get the needed information.